Tibetan Bowls, Flutes

& Mantras

Tibetan Bowls…

…create a very pure, sonic resonance that induces deep inner stillness, mental calm and peaceful feelings.  They provide a simple but powerful path to inner peace, which is something difficult to achieve in our busy technological world.   The bowls are designed and constructed with the  principals of an ancient Himalayan healing tradition, in which seven different metals are forged to create a vibrational resonance that cleanses the body, mind, aura and spirit.

We live in an out-of-tune world — a world out of balance — with artificial clock-time, urban stress, wireless radiation, and machine noise.  The pure, sonic emanations of the Tibetan bowls bring us back to peace, quietude, and clarity.  They provide an immersion into pure beauty that helps us remember that beauty is truth, and truth is beauty…and, as Keats says, this is all we need to know.

We offer this music to bring peace and benefit to all beings.

✨ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti  ✨


“Peaceful ~ Penetrating ~ Pure”

These words have been used to describe the music of internationally-acclaimed Paul Temple, who under the musical name RadianceMatrix, creates mystical transmissions of peace and beauty with Tibetan bowls, flutes, and mantras.  His album, RADIANCE MIXES, with Deva Premal reached #5 on iTunes World Music chart and is on Soul Traveler Radio’s TOP 20 albums of the year.

Paul has performed to packed audiences at WanderLust, Arise Festival, Serenity Fest, 11:11 Unified, and Grand Valley YogaFest.  He has been a featured presenter at events with Shift Network, Humanity’s Team Network and New Earth One Network.  Paul has presented at conferences with Gregg Braden, Kryon, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jonathan Goldman, and Panache Desai.

RadianceMatrix has toured across North America, bringing Paul’s teachings and sound artistry to concerts in New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver, and Los Angeles, amongst other cities.  Paul’s set of tuned and amplified healing bowls, along with mesmerizing Tibetan throat singing, create harmonious sonic architectures, said by some to be the ultimate sound-healing concert experience.  ✨

RadianceMatrix has many recordings available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.  More information is available on the Music & Video page. To receive a free track download: click here.

To order a CD, send an email to:  Paul@RadianceMatrix.com.

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For information on purchasing Tibetan Bowls, please visit www.SerenityTibet.com.

What People Are Saying About


“Paul  has  embraced  the  shamanic  traditions  of  Tibet  to  create  a  beautiful  meditative  expression  of  peace  and  harmony.”

~ Deva Premal & Miten    

“Your  music  brings  me  to  the  core  of  inner  peace.   Ancient  sacred  sounds  that  reflect  pure  magic.   Thank  you  for  your  friendship.   Tashi  Delek!!”

~ Manose     

“Paul  Temple’s  music  combines  Tibetan  Bowls,  flutes  and  rich  vocals.   He  carefully  crafts  the  music  to  soothe  and  uplift  the  listener  into  meditative  awareness.   Great  for  meditation,  healing  or  relaxation!”

~ Wah!     

” When  Paul  plays  his  Tibetan  bowls,  a  sense  of  peace  and  euphoria  permeates  the  entire  room.   It  is  impossible  not  to  feel  uplifted  by  his  subtle  yet  powerful  art  form.”

~ Tina Malia     

“Thank  you  for  a  deeply  soulful  and  healing  evening.   I  have  never  heard  such  skillful  throat  and  overtone  singing.   You  are  a  gift.”

~ Deborah Wilder (Barde), Ashland, OR     

“Paul  Temple  has  done  a  remarkable  job  creating  “Deep  Peace  Experience.”   With  wonderful  performances,  excellent  compositions  and  great  fidelity,  I  highly  recommend  this  recording  for  anyone  who  would  like  to  experience  the  Deep  Peace  this  album  has  to  offer.”

~ Jonathan Goldman     

“I  had  a  wonderful  experience  at  Paul’s  concert  as  he  creatively  mixed  cosmic  sounds,  mantras  and  deep  vibrations  to  elevate  the  spirit  of  the  whole  room.”

~ DJ Taz Rashid     

More of What People are Saying About


“Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound.  RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.”     ~ Melissa, Boulder, CO

“Beautiful music, sacred space.”     ~ Deva Premal & Miten

“A masterpiece”    ~ Cochise Baca, Boulder, CO

“It was a profoundly beautiful concert.  Paul is incredibly gifted.
His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.”
     ~ Ad Sach Kaur, Colorado Springs

“I was transported into mystical realms where time stood still.”
    ~ John Meade, Santa Fe

“The concert was an extraordinary experience. Deeply healing”
    ~ Amy Treciokas, Yoga Now, Chicago

“Paul, you have a gift from God!”    ~ Joel Benoit, Whistler, BC Canada

“Words cannot describe my experience of the concert.  I was immersed
in other dimensions, bathed in exquisite peacefulness and beauty.”
    ~ Angie, Denver

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